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Terms & Conditions

Information Accuracy:
Bunkers Hill Swimming (B.H S hereafter) endeavors to ensure that all the information provided in our documentation or communicated by other mediums is accurate. However there may be times that advertised facilities or amenities may not be continuously or fully available. Where we are aware of any changes following the receipt of your completed booking documentation and payment and if the changes are likely to seriously affect your booking, we will make every effort to inform you prior to the start of your confirmed course or session.
Our Web Site:
Bunkers Hill Swimming are in no way responsible for any content to be found on web sites that are linked to this site.
Our Agreement with You:
Your agreement with B.H S shall be considered to be in effect upon receipt of your completed booking form, signed Terms & Conditions, Liability B.H S Release and payment. We will thereafter dispatch confirmation of the booking and all relevant information to you prior to the start of the related course.
The 7-Day deadline:
Following your agreed booking, B.H S will provisionally hold a place for at the agreed time for 7 day‘s only, whilst awaiting for your booking documentation and payment to arrive if you have not been able to attend the first day at the pool-side. After this deadline the provisionally held place will be made available to others.
Booking procedures:
With the exception of the first booking , the re-booking date for each term will be published well in advance, there will be an administrator at the pool-side to process your re-booking and deal with any problems I.e. changing time, day, level etc. if you need to miss this date please confirm and pay for your slot prior to the re-booking date. After that the slot will still be held for 7 days after the re-booking day to allow for postal re-bookings. Payment must be made on the re-booking day either by internet banking, cheque or cash.
Course Dates:
Every effort will be made to have un-interrupted terms, however, the nature of the business lead us to make provision for term extension in the case of pool-foulings or other ‘accidents’. There is also always a chance that there will be a problem with the chemical or heating levels in the pool, in these circumstances we will add days on to the end of each term or offer credit notes at B.H S’s discretion. Credit Notes will not be offered if a make-up class had been organised but client was unable to attend. Wherever possible B.H.S will remain open in adverse weather conditions.
Withdrawal from the Agreement:
B.H S. reserves the right to withdraw from the agreement at no financial loss to B.H.S., if the information you have provided on the booking documentation is proven to be deliberately misleading or factually incorrect, or where there is a serious and or continuous breach of the. B.H.S. Code of Conduct.
Amendments to Bookings:
Following the receipt of your booking, if you wish to amend it, we will do our very best to help, but of course cannot guarantee that your changes can be made. If after all the bookings for each course have been made B.H.S. reserve the right to cancel any classes that have less than three children booked into it. In these circumstances alternative class time, days will be offered but we cannot guarantee that we can offer you a time/day to suit, in which case a remaining refund will be made.
If you decided to cancel your booking with B.H.S., the following terms apply: Within two weeks of a new course starting you will receive a full refund. Within one week of a new course starting you will receive an 80% refund. If you cancel once a new term has commenced there will be no refund due.
Refunds and Credits:
B.H.S. pool sessions are contracted for the course in advance. We are therefore unable to refund any monies for sessions missed due to illness or holidays booked prior to, or taken, during the confirmed term, or for missed sessions because of late arrival or non-attendance. Parent and baby classes only, have the option to make up classes on other days during the course period.
Complaints & Suggestions:
Please direct any complaints to B.H.S. direct, we will do our utmost to resolve the problem concerned. Any suggestions are welcome at anytime, either at the poolside during the final few minutes of your child’s lesson, over the phone, email or in the suggestions/communications box . These suggestions are gratefully received as they will help to continue to provide a good service to our valuable customers.
Communicating with You:
We will do our very best to contact you by whichever method is suitable for the information concerned. If your lesson is altered in any way we will try both home and mobile number, the onus will be on you to check answering machines and/or mobile phone messages on the day of your class. We can also use E mail.
Changes to terms & conditions:
B.H.S. reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions and associated documentation at any time. If any part of this documentation is found not to be binding, the other parts will stand.
You must advise truthfully and fully inform B.H S. of any pre-existing or those diagnosed following the start of any booked swimming course, any medical condition that you or the child and where applicable, that of your spouse/partner, or those in who’s care you have placed your child may have prior to the start of the B.H.S. swimming sessions. If you have any queries in regard to health issues and swimming, it is advised that you contact an appropriate medical professional prior to the signing of this statement and participation in B.H.S. swimming sessions.
Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Statement - CODE OF CONDUCT
Swimming as with any activity, which takes place in, on or around any body of water or in the immediate area of any body of water has obvious inherent risks including, but not limited to drowning. When attending any property for the purpose of taking part in or viewing a B.H.S. swimming session(s) you must ensure that you, those in your care, and those who accompany you, voluntarily or otherwise, follow the B.H.S code of conduct.
Exclusion of Liability:
B.H.S. do not accept any responsibility for any death, injury or loss suffered nor damage to any vehicles or valuable items caused by you, your spouse/partner, your child, or those in who’s care you have placed your child, for the purposes of swimming with or observing B.H.S., resulting from any conduct, matter or condition under your or their control, which amounts to contributory negligence whilst attending any B.H.S. swimming sessions. B.H.S. does not accept any responsibility for any damage, discoloration or tarnishing to any items of jewellery, including watches or items of clothing or swimwear, worn by you, your child or those in whose care you have placed your child, for the purposes of observing or swimming with B.H.S. In the absence of any proven negligence, lack of due diligence or breach of duty by B.H.S, the participation of you, your spouse/partner, child, or those in who’s care you have placed your child for the purposes of attending or observing B.H.S. swimming sessions is done so entirely at their own risk.
Code of Conduct:
1) Try to arrive at the pool in sufficient time to allow the class to begin as scheduled. You should familiarise yourself with the fire exits and escape procedures on the pool site. You must ensure that all those in your care are under your direct supervision from the time of your arrival until departure from the pool site. Respect the privacy of the pool providers. You must not enter any other part of the property other than that which has been allocated to B.H.S. for the purpose of access to and from the pool or observation. You should only park your vehicle in the area allocated to B.H.S. and comply with any instructions provided by B.H.S.
2) Please use the amenities before entering the pool, do not dispose of any rubbish at the pool site, please take all used nappies, wipes and tissues with you when you leave. Ensure that when you enter and exit the shower or pool you maintain direct supervision of those in your care. Also maintain direct supervision of those in your care should they need to use the amenities during their swim sessions.
3) Do not enter the water while there is another class in session and only when requested to by your instructor. Ensure that you and those in your care do not do anything which may constitute a danger to yourself or others. Ensure that all children are under your direct supervision when in or around the pool and viewing areas. No running, no outdoor footwear around pool area. Report all accidents, dangerous occurrences, unsafe or unhealthy conditions to your instructor, regardless of how minor (trips, slips or falls). No food or drink on the poolside, no glass containers. No smoking.
Please note that when you sign the original application form you are agreeing to follow these guidelines, rules & regulations.You will not be asked to sign terms and conditions or liability statements again after the initial booking but they remain in force for all subsequent courses undertaken with Bunkers Hill Swimming.

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